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OperationIce ISIS took place in 2015.  On June 21, 2014, a video was posted to YouTube, but the operation officially took place sometime in 2015.  The video was posted on the channel TheAnonMessage, and it was Anonymous declaring a cyber-war on the infamous, worldwide, terrorist organization known as ISIS.

The war was stepped up after each of the murderous attacks in Paris. Anonymous released a statement to ISIS, "You are vermin, expect many cyberattacks after Paris!" [1]


Anonymous Operation Ice ISIS ( OpIceISIS)04:30

Anonymous Operation Ice ISIS ( OpIceISIS)

The Anonymous video talking about the operation.


This operation has achieved some success. [2]


  1. Anonymous hackers group to ISIS: You are vermin, expect many cyberattacks after Paris
  2. Anonymous destroy ISIS Twitter accounts in campaign US officials take 'secret pleasure' in

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