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adam3176 WAKE THE FUCK UP 'Why hide your face when the enemy uses anonymity' Adam Furrer

           Uploaded on Oct 13, 2011

           The Rich can Take everything ya 

got.. they can then Crash a country from the Inside, and blame its own Citezens.... While the Rich are laughing in the background... They Can make us Kill echother. with Illusions and Deception. because people Fail to want to see reality

Hidden families that mostlikely Running the show are, AldoBrandini, Orsini, Breakspear, Farnese, Medici, Rothschilds, the vatican so on go Research tell me what

you think

the Real agenda


owners of the big Coroporations want to shut them down and to Liqidate 

all assets. SO they need to bring in a threat the people think is on their side to destroy Not just the corporations, But our rights, the gov is doing a slow false flag on themselves but need something to blame

for the staged Crash they want to Create,, So the people think they are
winning,   But in the end you wont have anything,  Because you would 

have helped them, So the police state will be there you will not be free, and they will still control housing the food supply and transportation and the fuel system, The only way you will know if your

free or not is if these things happen, 
  1. 1 you can travel for Free
  2. 2 Living expenses are lifted,
  3. 3 Taxes (Theft) are dropped
  4. 4 the media is taken back by the people, (Not anonymous)
  5. 5 The UN is banned from the us,
  6. 6 And if the military is not hearding people to Camps or so called (SAFE) locations


only things that the Gov and anonymous want to do is to Crash what the 

people need, and to keep what the Gov needs. once they have done what they have planned, the military and police state will be there,, and food water fuel housing and transportation will have been taken over,


rule #1.  When Media Pushes somthing hard its part of the agenda, and 

the info is Misinfo, when Media makes Wikileaks Famous, its for the Agenda,

Dont comply, No need to Protest. Protesting wont work, never has.. the true revolution most americans dont know about yet, thats the Truth "KNOW YOUR ENEMY" is all you need to know. and Peace LOVE and no wars will be faught. and the small army that the Knights have will fail, they want us to protest. and beg for them to stop? and to be noticed by people being visible. when the Real revolution is not being tricked, Or told by the news or goverment who your enemy is, But by now they know they cant. So they will use anonymous to tell you who your enemy is. Real revolution is to NOT act on emotion or anger. Then they lose. Because they will try to anger the world into us Killing our selves so they dont have too, see?

Repeat fake Revolution like egypt and London riots.. ect. all the fake revolutions are being ran by

the same people. the same elite.  They did london egypt and greece.  

and so on. Now they are setting us up. its all the same. can you see it?

you can also use anonymous to find out what talkshows, or blogs support anonymous. in them doing so also gives them away as either

not awake or the same group that is part of spreading misinfo.   Once 

you see anonymus is CIA. and you can spot the deceptionists just by them

supporting them

just because anon comes out and says they are for the people, and that they are against Corporate Greed, and they say all these things. Make no mistake that its a deversion. and they Do not Spread Truth. they are in with hollywood and the satanists.. and in the end the same people will be in power with different Front names.

 its a game. And if yu are still watching the shaddows they will change
shape and you will think you have won.  but infact the same people will
be in power.   The imf imo is also going to be changed to another name.
 as for the federal reserve..  its a huge deception that anon is 

attacking the Federal Reserve after the fact and when all is done. The federal Reserve is DONE destroying the dollar. thats why they dont care if they give it up to make another name, or Institution with another name to hide agian in cloak. Anonymous is well to funded, and all thei Servers are tracking thei logons. They are not speaking for the people. They are hearding people into the streets using anonymous.. the

make Fake headlines in the News that the FBI is looking for them.  its a
huge joke. and staged., The CIA use Anonymous to shutdown facebook 

gameing centers to get the attention of the gaming sheeple that dont know whats going on to get in the streets, and to shut down and demonize

sites that people use to comunicate. such as demonizing social media

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